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NLP/Machine Learning Engineer

Boston, Massachusetts
The NLP/ML will design and implement elements of our technically advanced NLP pipeline under the guidance of product management on a team organized in agile scrum. The position places a premium on creative strongly engineered solutions and teamwork.


  • Designs and implements creative software solutions for a broad range of problems.
  • Demonstrates deep knowledge of NLP prior art.
  • Experienced at tuning NLP models for best trade offs for the application.
  • Works with product management to make sure solutions addresses all requirements.
  • Does a full technical analysis to select a proper solution.
  • Collaborates with peers and architects to ensure correctness of solutions and compatibility with platform.
  • Incorporates an expansive set of unit tests to provide reasonable test coverage and protection from regressions.
  • Characterizes performance of solutions for adequate speed and scale.
  • Documents solutions clearly and works with QA organization to ensure proper testing.
  • Functions within an agile scrum team, embracing all tenets of scrum.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems or Math.
  • Masters' Degree or Advanced Degree in Linguistics a huge plus. 
  • 2-6 years experience designing NLP software solutions.
  • Strong programming skills in a high level language, preferably Java.
  • Familiarity with diverse set of computing technologies: Linux, Python, Bash, SQL, JavaScript.
  • Experience with multiple NLP and ML toolsets.

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