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Software Engineer/Data Scientist

Boston, MA
The New Technologies teaml is a small unit of creative engineers and scientists who work on the mission of passive sensing: extracting weather-related information from anything. We especially like the “a-ha” look on people’s faces when they say “Wait a minute! That’s a really cool way to figure out if it’s raining or not!”

If you are a hands-on problem solver, a data geek, and love to test, build, and see results, we want you on our team. 

As a New Technologies Software Engineer/Data Scientist, you will run and own data verticals, execute proof-of-concept experiments, and prepare the sources for deployment into our product. You will use your very strong coding skills to gain a deep understanding of the product and build the data acquisition and analysis methodology. You will develop ways to leverage public and proprietary data to predict weather conditions using statistical methods, signal processing, and machine learning; you will find innovative ways to leverage data for weather prediction; and you will take your ideas from experimentation/prototype to production. 

We have:
  • A top-notch web application and API using many, many different data sources.
  • We move fast. Very fast. Like a cheetah. Or faster. What’s the fastest animal? A peregrine falcon. We move like a peregrine falcon.
  • An idea meritocracy - an open mind to any idea, from anyone, on any level, in any part of the organization.
  • A team of do-ers and go-getters with a “can- do” attitude.
You have:
  • Strong facility with some combination of: machine learning techniques (neural networks/deep learning, Gaussian processes, etc.), ML software frameworks (TensorFlow, Torch, etc.), statistics, and/or signal processing, ideally in a geospatial environment.
  • 3+ years prior industry experience as a data scientist or software engineer. You think in a modular way that creates clear interfaces between your building blocks.
  • Python expertise and familiarity leveraging the Python stack (pandas, scikit-learn, xarray, dask, numba, etc.) to build analysis tools and data processing pipelines.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
You might also have:
  • Experience with recognition and classification algorithms for video, audio, and images.
  • Experience in developing large-scale, customer-facing web applications and APIs using cloud services.
  • Knowledge of distributed data systems (Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce).
  • Familiarity with computing on the cloud.
  • An advanced degree in EE/CS, physics, applied math, or a similar technical field. 

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