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User Experience Lead

Cambridge, MA


We're looking for a User Experience Lead to integrate art, technology, and engineering to identify, create, and support the client and partner interactions with our products and brand. This is a senior role requiring a unique mixture of hands on skills with a high degree of conceptual understanding. 
You will be able to understand and apply concepts typically devoted to both the right (creative) and left (logical) sides of the brain, eg art and engineering. In doing so you will leverage skills from one skill group in application of another (i.e. able to execute good design choices while writing HTML). It will be expected that you can easily work across disciplines (i.e. switch between writing unit tests to illustrating iconography). As a senior staff member, it will be paramount that you can communicate effectively between teams of contrasting backgrounds and skill sets and work closely with senior stakeholders as well as users, clients, and partners.


  • Understand and implement CI/CD in the context of the UI for web-based technologies across all device types
  • Architect scalable, predictable, and maintainable technological solutions for UIs
  • Base expertise in frameworks against concepts instead of implementations
  • Define, document, and enforce coding standards utilizing industry best practices
  • Clearly articulate direction and expectations of the team and its members
  • Understand and leverage Agile principles both conceptually and applied (i.e. JIRA)
  • Make decisions which drive both creative and technical direction of products
  • Present and speak to stakeholders, customers, or investors during all aspects of product design and execution
  • Lead whiteboarding/brainstorming sessions through visual note taking and facilitating participant discussions
  • Bring new ideas and vantage points to design discussions and decisions
  • Understand how design and art need to work together in a practical application of usability
  • Create wireframes and/or prototypes to get user feedback into product design early and often
  • Use research when appropriate to inform design decisions
  • Know and use graphic programs to product visual assets

Required Qualifications

  • End-to-end understanding of modern application architectures
  • Big picture orientation with strong attention to detail
  • Expert understanding of user experience as it applies to software development
  • Experience with source control management
  • Experience with RESTful API integration
  • Strong understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Expert with HTML5 & CSS, React, Angular, Vue.js or similar UI framework

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with iOS, Android, or other Cross Platform development tools
  • Experience with Jenkins
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with internationalization and localization
  • Experience with accessible UI development

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