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Senior Back-end Engineer

Boston, MA

Job Description

We're developing powerful conversational AI solutions that solve real-world business challenges. As a Backend Engineer, you’ll be part of a team focused on the development and support of a robust and scalable platform that powers all of our chatbots and client dashboards. You’ll have the opportunity to both enhance the existing system and build out entirely new features.
This role may be a good fit if you have: 
- Experience with Node.js and/or Go 
- Passion for building clean, well-designed and well-tested applications 
- Git Experience 
- Deep knowledge of backend web application vulnerabilities and pitfalls 
- Experience building GraphQL APIs is a plus 
- Experience working with SQL Databases is a plus 
- Experience working with Docker is a plus 
- Experience working with distributed systems is a plus 
- Experience working with microservice architectures is a plus 
- Experience with container orchestration tools is a plus 
- A bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science or a relevant field is a plus
Key Attributes for success are: 
- Positive attitude 
- Entrepreneurial mindset 
- Team-oriented and having strong interpersonal skills 
- Able to make decisions and set project direction from loose requirements 
- Comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment
Equity package is competitive.

What We're Building

With our bot-creation platform we tailor custom chatbots to meet customer’s needs. Our chatbots can be used to answer FAQs, generate and qualify leads, automate routine customer service, and allow end-users to self serve. Our platform is integrable with backend APIs and services, so that our chatbots can fetch data and perform tasks on the end-user's behalf. We follow the “one backend, many channels” architecture, so that the same chatbot may be deployed across a multitude of channels including Web, Integrated Voice Response (IVR), SMS, and many more.
We’re working on an all-in-one customer dashboard which includes features like analytics, live agent chat, and bot customization. With live agent chat, an end-user may be handed off directly from a chatbot to a live human agent, so that the the conversation may pick up right where it left off.
While we are industry agnostic, our primary target market is financial services, where we drive use cases like conversational banking.

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