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Senior Integration Engineer (Remote)

Boston, MA
Senior Integration Engineer
Job Description
Our Global Cybersecurity Services is seeking a system and data integration expert to join our Engineering & Architecture group.  You will be involved in building and managing integrations and components that strengthen our enterprise logging & monitoring posture.  The ideal candidate is an excellent problem solver with strong technical knowledge of software development, and systems and data integration; additionally, the engineer will be a self-starter, work well in a team setting and provide technical guidance and leadership. 
Are you:
  • A focused technology practitioner who can enable best outcomes for the team?
  • A pro-active resourceful problem-solver who is results-driven with a passion for building technology solutions?
Your responsibilities will include
  • Define common patterns for end-to-end logging and events propagation to improve the resiliency and observability of our logging system and develop the solutions that support those patterns.
  • Design, develop and implementation of key components and solutions in the logging architecture which include edge logging agents and event collection integrations.
  • Ensure all provided solutions exhibit high levels of performance, security, scalability, maintainability, and appropriate reusability and reliability upon deployment.
  • Research vendor documentation and resources to understand and validate points of integrations such as APIs, source configurations and protocols.
  • Manage the SDLC of solutions and ensure well deployed DevOps processes and pipelines.
  • Assess the target (future) state of the enterprise’s logging and observability needs to achieve the business objectives and enable cybersecurity to have the visibility it needs to secure the enterprise.
  • Highly knowledgeable and skilled lead working with a team of engineers to develop, deliver and maintain quality custom and vendor software
  • Coaching and mentoring team members in an agile engineering culture
Key Requirements
  • 4+ years in an engineering role, designing and implementing software and integration solutions
  • 4+ years’ software development experience with strong expertise in one or more programming languages:  Python and Java or other languages
  • Experience with wide range of:
    • endpoint protocols (i.e. REST / SOAP / ODATA / TLS / TCP / UDP)
    • data formats (i.e. JSON / XML / CSV / YAML / AVRO / ..)
  • Experience building and/or consuming RESTful APIs
  • Experience working on cloud PaaS environments such as Azure, AWS or Google Cloud with understanding of cloud network infrastructure, containerization and cloud architecture.
  • Experience working in an Agile and DevOps environment managing sprints;
  • Preferred Experience with syslog-ng, Fluentd, open telemetry, LogStash, or other data collection/forwarding/integration technologies
  • Preferred Experience with a Logging Platform such as Devo, Splunk, DataDog, ..
  • Ability to efficiently communicate with people of varying seniority and technical backgrounds
  • Strong Computer Science background
  • Experience with Databases – MS SQL Server, Postgres, etc..
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer/Software Engineering or related field.
Technology and Tools
Centralized Log Collection (Syslog-ng, FluentD, LogStash, LogStash), Devo, Python, Cloud (Azure, AWS), Hashicorp Vault/Consul,  DevOps (Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Terraform), ServiceNow,  Container Orchestration ( i.e. Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Azure Kubernetes Service, GitHub), Configuration management (Chef), , NodeJS, Databases (i.e. SQL Server, Postgresql, MongoDB), Jira, Confluence

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