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Software Engineer

Cambridge, MA

Excellent Coder with Innate Grasp on Technology

We are the leader of cloud to cloud backup and recovery serices
About the role:
True to startup life, each developer is an independent contributor, charged with being agile as the company continues to scale into emerging the Cloud and Big Data markets. 
Responsibilities include:
  • ruby/rails
  • server side software engineering practices
  • HTML/CSS/JS - UI skills a plus, but should be secondary to backend skills
  • command line environments (Linux / OSX)
The ideal candidate is has the following skills:
  • passionate about coding
  • a contributor to open source projects
  • not afraid to learn and figure things out for themselves
  • a college graduate with a computer science degree
  • experienced in mostly startups or small companies
  • not scared of anything: Linux, SQL, CSS, Javascript, whatever!
  • agile friendly (we do TDD, Sprints, Daily SCRUMs)
Startup perks:
  • loaded MacBook Pro
  • working with smart people
  • being on the cutting edge of a new space
  • solving hard technical challenges

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