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Full Stack Engineer

Boston, MA
We are reinventing the business of luxury shoes.
We didn’t want to reinvent luxury shoemaking. It’s perfect. We wanted to preserve the time-honored Italian shoe craft. To honor the artists dedicated to it. We also wanted to do something about shoe prices. We felt they had become pretty unfair. We love beautiful shoes so much, but somewhere along the line, things had gotten out of hand.
In early 2015, a small group of us—Italians in Florence and Americans in Boston. We returned to Italy and built relationships with small specialist workshops where shoes are still handmade, following steps that are over a hundred years old.
Then we introduced old world to new. By leveraging these relationships in Italy and selling online only, we removed the middleman, offering new shoes every single Monday, direct to shoe lovers, at historically impossible prices.
Today, our team of style aficionados, data geeks, software specialists, ecommerce gurus, and passionate creatives are reinventing the business of luxury.
●      are a software engineer with 2+ years of experience building responsive web applications optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile form factors
●      care immensely about the user’s experience and believe in iterating quickly based on data and feedback
●      collaborate with a small team of ecommerce experts and own product and engineering design decisions
●      are always learning and teaching, and look for opportunities to help your team improve
●      have experience evaluating and integrating a variety of technologies, including open source components
●      have experience building quality software where automated testing is leveraged
●      want to build something you’re proud of that customers love
●      want to contribute back to the open source community, blog, and talk about your work with peers
●      mentor more junior engineers, share your knowledge, and learnings with the team
Our Technology
We spend our time innovating and not reinventing the wheel. Instead, we integrate with industry-leading partners and open source components.
Our ecommerce back-end is powered by Demandware, an enterprise ecommerce platform. The tools we use on the front-end include:
●      Sass/SCSS
●      jQuery
●      Handlebars
●      Underscore
●      Grunt
●      Selenium
To help the business operate more efficiently through better tooling and easier access to critical data, we’re also building internal tools with:
●      NodeJS and Express microservices
●      AngularJS
●      AWS
●      PostgreSQL
●      Mocha
More about us...
We care deeply about shipping early and often, automated testing, clean code, collaboration, simplicity over complexity, and contributing to our communities.
We don’t like to guess. We make decisions based on data. We experiment and quickly iterate on the product.
We’re built on a solid foundation using modern development processes and tools, which we continuously evolve through retrospectives.

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