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Data Scientist- Artificial Intelligence Platform

Cambridge, MA

We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic data scientist for our novel general-purpose AI platform. Our platform is a recommendation and decision engine that builds learning knowledge graphs across a variety of information classes and customer verticals. The platform ingests and organizes data into networks involving data, people, objects and actions. The platform learns, optimizes, and provides a real-time interaction system for querying recommendations and relations, along with dynamic analytics about uncovered connections. Top companies use the platform across the enterprise from direct customer product and offer recommendations to back-end corporate decision support needs.

Many of us come from scientific backgrounds and seek a counterpart in a data scientist who will be actively supported in helping to organize and apply best practices to our data, seeking patterns and insights. You must have a strong analytical background and solid experience with hypothesis formation, evaluation through multi-dimensional data analysis, and communication of results in a visually exciting manner. You will produce analyses and solutions to complement our recommendation engine, for example:
  • show key business results that demonstrates the benefits of our technology as being used by our current and future customers in diverse and interesting verticals
  • generate dashboards on platform efficacy
  • distill results to guide further algorithm development
  • discover patterns in the data and consequent networks that indicate where our platform is uncovering signal vs. noise
  • determine proper testing for customer problems and lead the results analysis
  • collaborate across the team to create infographics and analyses in support of PR and thought leadership efforts
Our culture:
  • We are a small, close, highly technical team. You need to be self-motivated and self-managed.
  • Our customers are top global companies. You need to have the skills required to analyze results and present them professionally to customer teams and high-level executives.
  • This is an intelligence platform, and you’ve got to be smarter than it. Problem solving skills are a must. A mathematical background is an asset in the types of conceptual challenges that we routinely face.
  • This is a highly technical team. Everyone keeps up with and teaches one another. We communicate in code and prose; you should too.
  • While many skills are transferable, the ability to find and invent creative approaches must be in your toolset.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field with effective programming experience
  • 2-5 years analytical training through an academic background and/or industry experience
  • Experience in data visualization a plus; experience using data to tell a story a must
  • Have a passion for deciphering large data sets to find patterns in the past to help respond to the future
  • Have experience in data science, statistical analysis, data mining, and predictive algorithms
  • Understand and consider sacred data security and privacy restrictions for working with partner data
  • Crave business questions to answer with data and can define a plan for collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data to given insights and answers
  • Interpret large data sets and can derive business insight in a visual display to describe results
  • Can build visual dashboards to display key business requirements/analytics
  • Take pleasure in knowing people are using and responding to your work
  • Enjoy a focused and dynamic work environment with other bright, friendly people
Other Skills:
  • Experience translating business questions into clear, conclusive reports and visualizations
  • Experience with data analysis tools such as Splunk, Tableau, etc.
  • Experience with databases such as MySQL
  • Versatility in analysis environments such as Python (NumPy, SciPy), R, Matlab, etc.
  • Experience in Agile software development
  • Organized and positive


About Us:
We are a fast growing artificial intelligence company, developing “synaptic intelligence” for connecting data to decisions. We have built and continue to refine a novel, general purpose pipeline for connecting dynamic neural networks to significant business problems. We have established customers in some of the world’s largest companies, across multiple interesting verticals such as health, finance, travel and entertainment, e-commerce, and government. For these customers, we automatically organize data for general recommendations (i.e., “Pandora for many categories”) and decisions (e.g. Siri, Watson, Echo). With an MIT heritage, we have a great Cambridge office right in the heart of Kendall Square. We are cultivating a great team of optimistic and productive people to develop a new framework for organizing knowledge and help make smarter decisions.
What We Offer:
  • Purpose – building a new AI technology that advances the art and makes peoples’ lives better through more informed decisions for society and better recommendations.
  • $$$ – a salary that is geared to retaining top talent like you, with comprehensive benefits, in a stable startup
  • Stock – incentive stock options in a company poised for near-term growth
  • Location – located in the historic Athenaeum building, near new restaurants and shopping, and right off of the red and green T lines
  • Perks – friendly team, gourmet coffee, snacks, gym membership reimbursement / health credit, weekly yoga and spin classes, great health and dental insurance plan
  • Efficiency - quiet work environment with the best tools
  • Autonomy – we are a small team that uses architectural design to accomplish a great deal, and thrives with people who take initiative and try new routes to solve problems
  • Stimulation – work that is intellectually challenging and fascinating, and topical to where the world is heading
  • Happiness – great colleagues and a vibrant culture
What We Are Doing:
  • We are contributing to a new form of artificial intelligence to find commonalities and connections in data for the purpose of recommendations across general categories of knowledge
  • We are inspired by the latest neuroscience research to support our quest to pull out the signal from the noise in big data
  • We are creating new types of dynamic interfaces and APIs to make this easy to use for solving real business problems
  • We are guided by a keen focus on data analytics that drives business decisions for our customers and ourselves.

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